New Year`s Cruise to Islands...

From hot Cuba to vibrating Ibiza, from pulsing Mallorca to romantic Cyclades...On this special night we will take you on the fantastic music trip to the hottest and most famous islands, our exquisite menu will be enriched with a piece of exotic flavor, and all this served in luxury Pasjami Restaurant entourage…

In the offer:

Exquisite served dinner

Buffet from 10 pm.

Open bar – alcohols and softs

Music arrangement - DJ

Price: 500 zł/person





Salad of roast tiger prawns with burnt tomatoes and caramelized pineapple


Delicate cream of garlic with sweet potato chips and saffron olive oil

Main course:

Tuna steak served with sweet potato foam served with roast Jerusalem artichoke, spinach salad and lime sauce
Roast beef served with prawn and vegetables pasta with hot chili sauce and black sesame


Mango mousse with almond sponge cake with meringue and red fruit paste


White and red wine Vodka * Beer * Whisky *Gin * Martini * Beverages and softs

Glass of sparkling wine Cava at midnight

Buffet from. 10 pm:


Tortilla wrapped with smoked fish and herb hummus
Tuna tartare with cucumber, marinated radish, chive and Tabasco
Crumbed squid with chili-majo sauce
Rice noodle salad with pulled beef, stir fry vegetables and lemon sauce
Assortment of Tapas: dried meat, chorizo sausages, Bresola, marinated olives, cheese plate and homemade focaccia with rosemary
Red beans salad with soya marinated beef, corn  and crispy rocket salad leaves
Rice como salad with figs and blue cheese


Salmon mini steaks with pak-choi and crayfish sauce
Stewed mussels with creamy sauce and lime leaves with fresh corriander
Chicken curry with coconut milk, lemon grass and vegetables
Slow roast „Jerk” beef brisket with spicy BBQ sauce
Fried wild rice with vegetables and black sesame
Roast sweet potatoes with garlic and chocolate mint
Grilled aubergine with tomato paste, cinnamon and chili



Chia and coconut pudding with roast avocado mousse
Banana Crème brûlée with  caramel and chili powder
Chocolate cake with coconut, nut and toffee cream with salty peanuts
Crispy baklava with honey and pistachio



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