The Original Restaurant "Pasjami..." is one of distinction, a location for evenings filled with the finest gastronomic experiences guaranteed by the Master Chef.

Only here can you find dinner composed of 9 acts, constituting a culinary performance of tastes and fragrances to meet the expectations of even the most demanding connoisseur.

The beautiful door and stylish design additionally enrich the charm of the evening. The restaurant is dominated by the colour white, which in the soft light diffusing through its glass roof creates an oasis of calm and good taste. Bespoke carpets, embroidered drapes made of Danish velour, Italian furniture, Belgian ornaments and French lamps bestow upon our original restaurant “Pasjami...” an air of refinement and finesse.

After dusk has fallen the restaurant is lit by twelve lamps designed by Patricia Urguiola, whose subtle tones transform the character of the restaurant into a haven of romanticism and poetry. 




Information and reservation for table: +48 58 55 55 904.


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